Albums and Extras

We have a ride variety of extra special gifts to purchase once you have had your shoot. These make perfect gifts or special keepsakes for yourself.

Acrylic Front Photo Album

Photo album

Prices and Sizes -

8x8 - 10 page spread  £160

8x8 - 20 page spread £200

10x10 - 10 page spread  £190

10x10 - 20 page spread £260

12x12 - 10 page spread   £220

12x12 - 20 page spread  £320

Photo album

These stunning albums are the perfect keepsake. They are beautifully presented and customised to your taste including a wide variety of colours.

Personalised Print Box

Print box

Each Gold collection comes with one of these beautiful personalised print boxes which contain your prints. These are also available to purchase as an additional gift for family members . Each box will come with your chosen prints and branded USB stick. Each additional boxes are priced at- 


Acrylic Blocks

The Acrylic Block is an eye-catching and contemporary way to display your images. At 30mm thick these blocks are ideal for use as a free standing method of displaying your photos on a desktop, window sill or shelf.

Your print is mounted to the back of a 30mm acrylic block using a special optically-clear adhesive. This gives a prism-like effect when viewed from different angles. In addition the acrylic blocks also turns your flat 2 dimensional image into a substantial 3 dimensional object.

Acrylic block

Pricing and Sizes -

5x5    £95

7x5    £110

8x6    £130

10x8  £155

Acrylic Triplex 

A tri-fold centerpiece with the look, feel, and quality of our Photo Albums. It tells a story in three profound, poignant portraits. With over 80 available cover materials to choose from for the cover of this product, you'll surely find a leatherette, textile, velvet, or suede to fit your style. Each triplex front cover can also be personalised.

Acrylic book
Acrylic book

Pricing and Sizes -

6x6      £55

7x7       £65

8x8      £75

6x9      £60

7x10     £80

8x12     £100

Accordion Mini Book

Simple, fun to use - the photo product that anyone can keep, anywhere! Your photos will be secured by a magnetic seal inside the hardcover, allowing it to be carried around effortlessly without worrying about the inside being damaged. They showcase 18 images and are 3x3 inch. They come in a choice of 6 colours.

                                                                                    Each accordion book is priced at £45 

Accordion Book
Accordion Book
Accordion Book

Hand Deckled Cotton White Prints 

Hand Deckled Cotton White Prints 
Hand Deckled Cotton White Prints 

Pricing and Sizes -

6x4  set of 5 £105  set of 10 £200

5x7   set of 5 £115   set of 10 £210

8x10 set of 5 £215  set of 10 £400

Beautiful hand deckled edges, printed on a  smooth bright white 100% cotton based material. Its silky smooth surface is ideal for your beautiful images.