What you see and what I see

During your shoot you may look at what I am doing wonder if I have lost my mind. You see, I have a vision. I can see it perfectly in my mind. It may look nothing like it does on the back of my camera but I can always see it one step ahead.

I often get asked why photography is “so expensive” So many times I have been told,”but you only click a button”. My work is so much more than button clicking.

Years of learning. Years of training all go into each and every photograph. It may appear effortless but every move is thought out.

I often lay awake at night thinking of new ideas. Being creative never stops. My brain is one big colourful explosion of ideas. I can honestly say I love my job and I put my heart at soul into each and every single shoot. Having a bad day? Kids kept me up all night? It happens. We are all human after all. All of that goes out of the window when I pick my camera up. Im then in my own little creative world.

Some people may just see a figure on a photo shoot but I see far beyond the pound sign. Even when choosing my own photographers during my milestone life events. I ask myself these very important questions.

1. Does their style match something I want to see on my walls forever?

2. Can I see myself being comfortable in their presence not only face to face but the behind the scenes build up via messages and emails.

3. Do I trust them to photograph the most important events of my life.

4. Are they able to provide me something I can treasure for ever and leave as a legacy to my children.

To me I am not only paying for a physical service. I am paying for their personal time.

Photography is built up with time that a lot of people don’t see. Communicating and building those special relationships, travelling, admin and editing.

Why edit the photos? Why don’t they come out looking like they should out of camera?

Style is the main answer for that one. We all have our own visions and ideas. Editing puts our personal stamp on our work.

All of these factors add up to give you an end product but would the end product really matter if I never replied to a query you may have or slacked on my editing?

Time is such an important part of your photography journey and to my customers I have all the time in the world!

Higher quality products also come into play. To my backdrops to my outfits, even down to my lighting and lenses. Quality shows, especially on photographs. I make sure I source the best to give my clients the best. My wall art are to the highest of quality. Why do you ask? Why can’t you go down to the local supermarket and just print a few out?

This really shows. They fade over time, they always look a funny colour! I want you looking your absolute best on your walls to show off to your family and friends. Something they look at and think wow, don’t you look amazing!

Like everyone else in the world us photographers also have mouths to feed, rent and bills to pay and the expense of running a business. Keeping props new and exciting so that each and every one of my customers gets their own tailored experience.

Yes you are paying for a product but with that product comes my experience and dedicated time.

So this is what I see when I pick up my camera. I see the work that goes in behind the scenes. I see the time and dedication and I also see my before and after images which make my visions come to life!

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